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Latest highlights of iOS10 from Apple WWDC 2016

Here are the highlights of the 10 important features of iOS10 :-

3D Touch enhancements for Lock screen and Notification center

  • New lock screens with greater interactions that provide more peek details about message
  • New notification center with 3Dtouch enhancements


  • Open to developers with enhancements
  • Autotype enhancements
  • Siri automatically helps with location
  • Quick type automatically changes language keyboards
  • Extracting information from message about a lunch


  • Advanced facial recognition on iPhone done natively
  • Deep learning on photos; you have a horse, mountains in a photo for searching
  • Trips can be grouped
  • Topics like at the beach, at the water
  • Related photos
  • Create a whole new memory with photo, video and audio


  • New design of maps, more proactive and suggestions
  • New designs applied to navigation with traffic on route with pan and zoom to see upcoming traffic conditions
  • Turn by turn in the instrument clusters in car
  • Opening maps to developers using Map extensions
  • Find a restaurant, book a reservation, pay for it and more all in Apple Maps


  • All new re-design - Clarity and Simplicity
  • More intuitive and familiar
  • Lyrics with songs
  • For you is a new discovery mix
  • Daily curated playlists


  • All new design
  • Top / Popular / Trending / News creates new topics based on what you browse
  • Subscriptions and breaking news notifications


  • New categories like camera
  • New app Home
  • Scenes in new app Home
  • Tap to open garage door
  • Geofencing as you get near doors open
  • WatchKit supports HomeKit


  • Voicemail transcriptions
  • Tencent security caller id to identify spam
  • VoIP apps like WhatsApp show full screen who is calling


  • Support rich links with videos playing inline
  • Camera within messages
  • Bigger emojis with emoji prediction
  • Highlight the emoji-fiable words in a message and replace
  • Bubble effects in message; surprises
  • Quick affirmation or reply or handwriting bubbles and digital touch
  • Messages can take the whole screen
  • Custom iMessage apps


  • Collaboration between multiple people


  • Offers side by side views


  • End to end encryption in FaceTime, Homekit etc
  • Searches are anonymous using differential privacy
  • Developer preview today for iOS10


Gary Saggu

After WWDC 2015 from Apple

WWDC 2015 is over and I am left wondering what else we are going to see from Apple Inc. this year.  I am quite impressed by the Watch OS2 and iOS9 features discussed at WWDC and cannot wait for it to release.

Being an app developer myself, I can say that 3rd party apps on Apple Wacth OS1 do run a little sluggish. Watch OS2 will run the watch extension on the watch rather than the phone so I am sure this will speed things up a bit.

Other things to looks forward to
  • Apple TV - opening it up to 3rd party apps and development.  It may finally come.
  • iPhone 6S and 6S Plus - rumors all over the place about these devices.  Will write about what I feel will be the things that matter in a later post.
Its 1 am and I have some code to debug so I will end this post.
Have a good night,

-- Gary Saggu
-- Now on the Swift development bandwagon